a Retreat, not a Conference

On February 8-10, 2019, a handful of habitual disciple-makers will lead a retreat at The Grove in Cordova, TN at 849 Rocky Point Rd. The cost includes beds and meals from Friday dinner at 6PM through Sunday breakfast. This weekend is limited to the first 50 registered men.

WHY this Retreat? We all battle the desires of the flesh, but few Christians have a Galatians 5:16 plan for walking in the power and joy of the Spirit.

We don’t want to fulfill the “desires of the flesh,” and Paul told us we needed to “walk in the Spirit” in order to avoid fulfilling those desires, but…

  • That seems hard.
  • It’s unclear how to do.
  • It might even sound like a joy-less life.

That will all change at this retreat. We have found that most Christians have only a vague idea of what it means to walk in the Spirit. Those who understand it rarely have any kind of a practical plan about how to do it. We have been discipling men for years in the art of walking in the Spirit. We have seen lives change into joy, energy, victory, and freedom.

WHAT will it be like? The leaders of this retreat come from 5 congregations, including 3 denominations. So this will be about God’s strong presence, not about a particular congregation, much less a denomination. We are blessed to be sponsored by Battle Plan Ministries, so our registration link points to Central Church’s website.

If this were a conference, we would list the qualifications of some very talented speakers and the worship leader, or worship band. Attendees would expect to sit in an audience and hear insightful lectures, interspersed with musical performances. At a retreat however, people can expect to relate with one another and be impacted by God. Rest assured that the worship leader and the expected speakers are fully qualified for this event, but we will depend on relationships (human and divine) to empower the weekend.

SMALL groups: While there will be many super-short teaching sessions, most of our time will be spent in small group settings of about 7 men per group, with group leaders who are all habitual disciple-makers. The leaders will open up about their past and current struggles. They will help the group flesh out the brief teaching sessions with personal stories and testimony. We will pray together, worship together, eat together, and play together. So bring your (registered) friends or just meet some new ones. This will be a time to remember!